1st CIUHCT Distinguished Lecture. "Knowledge in the Anthropocene" (Jürgen Renn)

Em comemoração dos 10 anos do CIUHCT, iniciamos as Distinguished Lectures, com Jürgen Renn (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science). Dia 8 de Novembro, às 18h, no Anfiteatro da FCiências.ID, na FCUL, Edifício C1, Piso 3.


The talk deals with the role of knowledge in the Anthropocene and the proposed new geological time period characterized by the global impact of humanity. It raises the question of what the concept of the Anthropocene means for the history of science and for the history of knowledge and what a historical reflection can contribute to addressing the challenges of the Anthropocene. The talk proposes an evolutionary perspective on the history of knowledge and outlines its major components with examples from the history of science, ranging from the neolithic revolution to the transformation of the Earth system with the help of science and technology.

Poster de divulgação