Oferta Pedagógica

The research activity carried out at CIUHCT supports the following teaching offers: 

(Departamento de História e Filosofia das Ciências)

Bachelor Optional courses belonging to the group Cultural, Social and Ethic Training (Formação Cultural Social e Ética)
Minor in History and Philosophy of Sciences (5 courses, 30 ECTS credits), complementary to a major degree of choice by FCUL students, or integrated in the course curriculum for students of the General Studies degree.
Master Master's degree in History and Philosophy of Sciences
PhD Doctoral Programme in History and Philosophy of Sciences

(Departamento de Ciências Sociais Aplicadas)

Bachelor and Master Courses of Science, Technology and Society, common to all faculty degrees, integrated in the new curriculum, aimed at reinforcing the non-technical component in the training of scientists and engineers.

Courses in the fields of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology and Sociology of Innovation, mandatory and/or optional for all degrees. 

3º ciclo

Doctoral Programme in History, Philosophy and Heritage of Science and Technology