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CIUHCT makes available on-line different sorts of publications: publications edited by CIUHCT, some publications authored by its members, and especially  manuscript primary sources and/or sources  inaccessible or of difficult accessibility used in its research projects.


Correia da Serra


  • João C. da Silva de Jesus (Paleographic transcript and editing), [Estranhas Observações Celestes no Século XVI e XVII. Cometas ou Supernovas?]
    2.0 version - 03/12/2004
    An edit of the manuscript at the National Library of Portugal, Códice 8570 (F 2154), titled Miscelânea de Notícias Históricas (Lembrança dos Factos Sucedidos em Évora), pg. 81. This volume is a chronlogic compendium of notable facts and it is written in type letter typical of the third quarter of the 16th Century. The microfilm is of poor quality, therefore, a review this transcript following the original manuscript is of very high interest.


Minutes of the Concelho Escolar of the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon (Actas do Conselho Escolar da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa)