Journal Club

The sessions of the Journal Club are informal discussions about texts, or documentaries, on the history of science and technology. These texts may be either: a) recently published journal articles; b) book chapters, part of a book chosen for collective reading ("book club"); c) work in progress, a research paper or draft by one of the participants; d) documentaries on the thematics of history of science and technology ("documentary club", with 50 minutes of maximum duration).

The meetings aim to achieve various objectives like: Taking stock of recent international trends in the history of science and technology; Exchanging information on books, scholarly journals, and documentaries, as well as on different methodological options, themes and challenges faced by participants in their scientific research; Debate with colleagues, and benefit from an academic critique, current research developed by CIUHCT members or other researchers.

This lecture series is active in 2017, and its organisers are researchers Isabel Zilhão and Jaume Valentines-Álvarez. For the Documentary Club sessions, Luís Tirapicos is the organiser. This page provides an overview of recent sessions. For a complete listing, click here.