CIUHCT Lectures

These conferences are organized by the CIUHCT and dedicated to studies in the History of Science and Technology. Speakers are invited to present original works, either concluded or in progress, based on their own research.

This lecture cycle is intended to reunite researchers in different stages of their careers (PhD, postdoctoral, or senior research), promoting debate of topics currently being researched, and allowing for scientific exchange within the History of Sciences, Technology and Medicine and its areas of confluence, as well as constructive interaction between speakers and the audience.

Lectures are opened to the public, with an approximate duration of 40 minutes, followed by 40 minutes of discussion that should be dynamic and enriching. Portuguese will be the language in use, although, when hosting foreign speakers, lectures may be in english. 

After two years of coordination by researcher Teresa Salomé Mota, the 2017-2018 cycle will be managed by researchers Rita Lobo and José Avelãs Nunes, who are available for proposals, comments and suggestions.

This page provides an overview of recent sessions. For a complete listing, click here.